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Ali Yavar Jung
National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan)
B.T.Road, Bonhooghly, Kolkata 700 090


About Regional Centre, Kolkata

Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan) , Regional Centre Kolkata was established in 1984 as first regional centre of AYJNISHD, Mumbai - an apex autonomous National Institute under the administrative control of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The major objective of the Institute is to train professionals for working in the area of Speech and Language disorders. AYJNISHD, RC-Kolkata started with diploma level course for the educators of the Persons with Hearing Impairment and gradually added different diploma, degree and post-graduate level courses in the field of audiology and speech language pathology, education of the persons with hearing impairment, vocational training of the persons with hearing impairment and Indian Sign Language.


Mr. B Nageshwar Rao, Assistant Director, AYJNISHD, RC-Kolkata

AYJNISHD, RC-Kolkata started in small set up in the National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped (NIOH),B.T.Road, Bonhooghly, Kolkata. The Institute today has its own four storied two buildings housing clinical, academic,administrative, lodging and boarding facilities for students. Institute is equipped with state-of-art modern equipments for carrying out various diagnostic tests for hearing, speech and language disorders as well as behavioral and vocational aptitude and educational assessment of Persons with Hearing, Language and Speech disorders All the services are subsidized or no charges levied.The Institute is opened on weekdays (Monday to Friday).Institute provides adequate facilities for vocational referrals To empower Persons with Hearing disability to involve themselves in meaningful work opportunities.The Institute is involved in holistic approach towards rehabilitation –


Ladies hostel/Sign Language classroom/Disability information Line/Computer Application Course for Persons with hearing Impairment/Classroom)

early intervention, pre-school education to vocational guidance.For the benefit of people with late intervention or wanting to use sign language as an option to communicate, Institute is providing training in Indian Sign Language at different levels including one year Diploma in Indian Sign Language Interpreter Course.

One of major objective of the Institute is to provide information for services and concessions available for persons with disability. A unique project is being undertaken to provide information in all areas of disability through telephone. Institute has started services Disability Information Line (DIL) in various parts of the country including in the State of the West Bengal, Bihar and Sikkim. Strength of our society is in empowering the persons with disability. Institute by providing diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services empowers persons with hearing disability to be a contributive citizen of the country.


Audiology Unit

Nature has given us two ears to hear. Contrary to popular myth that one ear is sufficient to hear, research has shown that binaural hearing (hearing from both ears) is essential for age appropriate speech and language and social development especially in children. Human Ear can respond to 20Hz to 20000Hz frequency of the sound and sound reaching 120dB or above may create a sense of discomfort in the ear.

Audiology is a field for measuring of hearing sensitivity of individual ear with procedures of rehabilitation by means of providing amplification and ear moulds for the persons with hearing loss. Modern audiology has made it possible to detect and quantify hearing loss of not only grown up children but also of young children. Children within three months of life can be well identified for hearing disorders and early intervention, if begin, within six months of life may lead to significant improvement in terms of developing verbal communication.

Audiologist uses various equipments and techniques like pure tone audiometer, admittance audiometry, speech audiometry, Auditory brainstem response (ABR) test, Otoacoustic emission (OAE) measures and Auditory Steady State Responses(ASSR) for hearing evaluation of children and adults. Both behavioral and objective hearing assessment leads to confirmation of hearing loss. Children or adults found to have irreversible hearing loss are fitted with amplification devices. Adequate auditory training provides benefit from the hearing aid and facilitates communication skill developments.


The following services are provided under this unit

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of hearing impairment.
  • Medical consultation and guidance.
  • Selection and fitting of hearing aids and ear mouldsParents guidance and counseling
  • Referral and follow up services
  • Post cochlear implant rehabilitation.

Speech Language Pathology Unit

Verbal communication has been unique to human beings. Mostly we communicate through speaking. Hearing is essential for developing language and speech skills. A child with deafness may have difficulty in developing spoken language. Speech and Language therapy enables persons with speech language disorders to achieve normal or near normal language and speech development. Apart from deafness, there may be various causes for disorders of speech and language. Speech and language disorders are observed in many conditions like cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism spectrum disorders. Some time speech disorders are due to faulty learning or due to defect in any of the speech organs.

Speech Language Pathologist use modern equipments such as computer aided speech diagnostic and therapeutic software to evaluate speech physiology, parameters of voice and rhythm using instrument like aerophone, nasometer and laryngeal endoscope and Dr Speech. Speech language pathology unit of AYJNISHD, ERC is well equipped with latest technology used for diagnosis and therapy of speech and language disorders.

Children having defect other than deafness and having speech language disorder may also avail the services of speech language pathology unit. Children having stammering or stuttering or voice problem or articulation errors may attend speech language pathology unit. Children having speech disorder as a result of cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation may also attend the speech therapy clinic of speech language pathology unit. Adults having communication disorders due to various causes such as brain injury or trauma may also attend the speech and language pathology unit.

The following services are provided under this unit

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of speech and language impairment
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Parents guidance and counseling
  • Referral and follow up services
  • Post cochlear implant rehabilitation.



Education Unit

AYJNISHD, ERC provides educational services for children who find difficulty in developing verbal mode of communication. Early stimulation of children with deafness after being fitted with amplification device helps them to acquire adequate vocabulary and school readiness skills to attend pre-school for children with hearing impairment. Institute has facility for providing early stimulation in the form of Parents Infant Programme (PIP) and pre-school for children with hearing impairment.

It is desired that after regular training backed with speech language therapy, young children may find themselves adequately prepared for admission to regular schools. Children with hearing impairment are also exposed to reading and writing skills development and sensory integration. Listening and literacy training too are integral part of educational services at individual level as well as in groups. Inclusive education is the present policy of education including for children with hearing impairment. Parents of children with hearing impairment are informed and trained in the monthly meeting conducted at AYJNISHD, ERC, Kolkata about different aspect of educational needs and ways and means to achieve it. Regular educational guidance will facilitate children with hearing impairment to move on to higher education.

Govt. of India has reserved 3% seats in higher educational Institute for persons with disability. Early identification of hearing imapiremt, early intervention can sustain children with hearing impairment in inclusive educational set up and prepare them for moving to higher education. There have been efforts for providing extra help for children who are attending higher classes at individual basis at AYJNISHD, ERC, Kolkata.

The following services are provided under this unit-

  • Parents infant programme and pre-school
  • servicesParents guidance and counseling
  • Educational evaluation and guidance to parents



Socio Economic Rehabilitation Unit

For any rehabilitative program for the persons with hearing and communication disorders, it is essential to provide skills for job which can be at sheltered or non-sheltered levels based on person’s skills and aptitude. AYJNISHD, RC-Kolkata has made efforts to liaison with Govt. Organizations / Non-Govt. Organizations and Multi-Nationals to provide job opportunities for persons with hearing impairment.

The vocational counselor and the Social Welfare officer of the Institute are in constant touch with the potential employer and persuade them to give opportunity for work to the persons with hearing impairment. Institute has training program for learning computer for persons with hearing impairment. Persons with hearing disability who have passed class Xth standard or above may take one year program in computer application course.

The following services are provided under this unit-

  • Vocational Assessment,
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Vocational Training and placement
  • Outreach and extension services
  • Material development and its distribution to different target groups
  • Awareness programs for different target groups
  • Information, documentation and dissemination services
  • Photo
  • Photo

Psychological Evaluation Unit

Psychological and behavioral assessment is very helpful in selecting the appropriate line of rehabilitation for the persons with hearing impairment. Behavioral assessment of the persons with speech, language and hearing disorders is conducted by the Clinical supervisor (Psychology). Some of persons with speech, language or hearing disorder require therapeutic intervention such as behavior modification which is provided as part of therapy to augment speech and language development.

The following services are provided under this unit


Psychological evaluation and counseling

Psychotherapy, behavior therapy and play therapy

Sign Language Unit

Due to late intervention or inability to develop verbal skills, children with deafness may face communication problem. Conventionally children with deafness pick up gestures for communication. Sign language has been one of the modes of communication used by the children and adults with deafness. AYJNISHD, Mumbai developed and propagates the use of Indian Sign Language (ISL) throughout the country.


Indian Sign Language cell of AYJNISHD, ERC, Kolkata has been training persons with deafness as well as persons without deafness in different levels of ISL. Even a one year diploma course is also available to become ISL interpreters.


Disability Information Line (DIL) Unit

Dissemination of information is also one of the objectives of the Institute which is being fulfilled by having computerized system of accessing information through telephone. AYJNISHD, Mumbai has established Disability Information Line (DIL) – a system of accessing information in the area of hearing, visual, orthopedic and intellectual disabilities in various part of the country including in West Bengal.

DIL in West Bengal is located in AYJNISHD, RC-Kolkata and is available 24x7 through IVRS and the help of call attendant may be obtained on the working days of the institute. Information may be obtained through email or SMS. Different forms can be obtained through FAX. To access information on Disabilities in the state of West Bengal, Bihar and Sikkim in English/Regional Languages, People may call the following numbers


  • 1800-345-5492 (TOLL-FREE)
    033-25313236/46, 033-25315492
    09432669239 (SMS)

Academic Cell And Administrative Unit

For the benefit of students of the various courses academic cell coordinates to implement the academic calendar of the different courses. In case of any Difficulty students can approach the academic cell. Academic cell may direct them to Student Welfare Officer or course coordinators and tutors accordingly.


Administrative unit manages and supports all the activities of the institute for the smooth functioning of the institute.

Library Unit

AYJNISHD, RC-Kolkata has its own air-conditioned library which contains more than 2500 (Audiology-250, Speech language Pathology 200, Special Education 150, General Education 200, others 1700) text books with an approximate cost of Rs. 37 Lakhs. Most of the books are of foreign authors in the area of Audiology, Speech Language Pathology, and Education of Children with Hearing Impairment, Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, Electronics, Statistics and Linguistics. Apart from the text books, library has a set of Encyclopedia, Referral Manuals, Magazine and Compact Disk, reading materials such as Annual Reports of NGOs, Newsletters of RCI, NILD, NIEPID, AYJNISHD and other organizations. Institute also subscribes to fifteen numbers of magazineand five Bengali/Hindi/English daily news papers.


The Institute library is enriched by subscribing 18 International Journals costing approximately Rs. 6 lakh for each calendar year and all the volumes are bounded for ready reference. Facility to accesses Online journals and e-books is also available.

The Institute also has facility of looking books in CD format, e-library and BSNL broad-band internet facility free for students and staff members


Institute is opened from 09.00 a.m. to 05.30 p.m. with a lunch break of 1.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m


To meet one of the major objectives of our Institute to develop manpower help, providing services to persons with speech, language and hearing disorders, Institute conducts following long term courses in the area of audiology and speech pathology, education of persons with hearing impairment and Indian sign language. All the courses have been approved by the RCI, New Delhi

Post Graduate Courses

Sr. No. Name of the Course Eligibility Total no. of Intake Mode of Admission Affiliation
1 Master in Audiology Speech-Language Pathology
- MASLP Two Years Course
i) Bachelor of Audiology Speech-Language Pathology or any equivalent degree recognized by the respective University and RCI, New Delhi.
50% for General/OBC
45% for SC/ST/PH
ii) He/She has completed prescribed duration of compulsory rotating internship by 31st July of the Academic Year and registered in RCI, New Delhi
15 Entrance Test The West Bengal University of health Sciences
2 Bachelor of Education Special Education (Hearing Impairment)
Two years course
Degree course in any discipline or equivalent from any UGC recognized University and on the basis of merit in the Entrance Examination.50% for General/ OBC 45% for SC/ST/PH 23 Entrance Test The West Bengal State University, Barasat
3 B.Ed.Spl.Ed.-HI (ODL)
Two and half year course
Degree course in any discipline or equivalent from any UGC recognized University and on the basis of merit in the Entrance Examination.
50% for General/ OBC 45% for SC/ST/PH
40 Entrance Test Netaji Subhas Open University,Kolkata

Under Graduate Level

Sr. No. Name of the Course Eligibility Total no. of Intake Mode of Admission Affiliation
1 Bachelor of Audiology Speech Language Pathology
- BASLPFour Years course
1)The eligibility is 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics/Computer Science and English and any other fifth subject.
2) Must be 17 years as on 31st December of the previous year of admission
50% General/OBC 45% for SC/ST/PH
31+2 Entrance Test The West Bengal University of health Sciences

Diploma Level

Sr. No. Name of the Course Eligibility Total no. of Intake Mode of Admission Affiliation
1 Diploma in Education Special Education (Hearing Impairment) D.Ed.Spl.Ed.(HI)
Two years course
10+2 passed or its equivalent from a recognized Board of Education with minimum marks of: 50% for General/OBC 45% for SC/ST/PH 31 Merit basis RCI, New Delhi
2 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreter Course
(DSLIC)(Rs. 2000/- p.m. stipend for candidates having 50% and above marks in 10+2 examination)
One Year course
10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized Board of Education. Preference will be given to candidates with higher qualification 15 Merit basis RCI, New Delhi
3 Sign Language A /B/C Level 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized Board of Education. Preference will be given to candidates with higher qualification/Persons with hearing impairment 15 Merit basis AYJNISHD,Mumbai
4 Diploma in Computer Application 10 th or equivalent examination from a recognized Board of Education. With a Hearing Disability Certificate issued by authorized Medical Board. 20 Merit basis WEBEL,Govt of West Bengal,

Short Term Course

The AYJNISHD RC-Kolkata conducts several Short Term Training Program in institute as well as outside institute for different categories of professional/personnel such as Nurses, Health workers, Teacher, Special educator, Anganwadi worker , Audiologist, Social Worker , Psychologist and Parents etc. The main objectives of this Short Term Training Program are to orient / update the professional / personnel in the area of Hearing Disabilities.


Research is an integral part of academics. Students are encouraged to take research work as part fulfillment of Master degree in Audiology and Speech, Language Pathology. Staff and students are encouraged to write articles and present the same in leading national or international conference. Articles are also sent for publication in international and national journals.

Contact Us


  • Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan),
    Eastern Regional Centre,
    B.T.Road, Bonhoohly, Kolkata 700 090
    Phone 033-2531 0507
    Fax No. 033 -2531 1427
    1800 345 5492 (Toll Free)

List Of Faculty Staff (Regular)

1 MR. B. N. RAO Assistant Director Lecturer (Education) M.A. M.Ed (HI) A01957 19 years Photo
2. MR. SUMAN KUMAR Lecturer (Sp.Hg.) M. Sc (ASR) A03788 15 years Photo
3 MR. INDRANIL CHATTERJEE Lecturer(Sp.Hg.) MASLP A05924 12 years Photo
4 MR. ANUPAM DAS Vocational Counsellor MSW A09309 27 years -
5 DR. PROSENJIT MAJUUMDAR Social Welfare Officer Ph.D M.A.(Social Work) A09317 20 years -
6 MR. SUJAY KR. MAKAR ASLP MASLP A05243 20 years -
7 MS. PAMELA SAMADDAR ASLP M.Sc (Sp. Hg.) A05601 10 years -
9 MRS. MITHU MISTRY Ear Mould Technician DCD B14135 27years -
10 MRS. SHILPI MAKAR Pre School Teacher B.A B.Ed (HI) A04142 17years -
11 MR. PARTHA SARATHI BASU Steno-Typist B.Sc   28years -
12 MR. SURESH CHANDRA MONDAL LDC Madhyamik   31 years -

List of Out-sourced staff members

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Palash Dutta Lecturer (Sp.Hg.)
2 Mrs. Mita Sarkar Lecturer (Sp.Hg.)
3 Mr. Jayanta Chandra Manda Audiologist Speech Language Pathologist
4 Ms. SonaliGanguli Teacher (Special Educator-Hearing Impairment)
5 Mr. Samir Ghosh All India Project Co-ordinator-DIL
6 Mr. Subhendu De Call Attendant-DIL
7 Ms. Indira Ghosh ISL Interpretor/Coordinator
8 Ms. SatyaSundar Das ISL Master Trainer
9 Mr. RabindraNath Sarkar ISL Teacher
10 Mr. AvikPramanik Computer Instructor
11 Mr. Soumen Palit L.D.C.
12 Mr. Rajib Gupta Peon
13 Mr. Sujan Mukherjee Peon

List of Contract staff members

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sukanta Set ENT(part time)
2 Mr. K.P.Bachhar ( Rtd.) Program Assistant
3 Mr. Samir Kumar Bhattacharya Librarian
4 Dr. J.P. Mitra (Rtd.) Librarian
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