Message from Director on World Hearing Day

Message from Director

Special Greetings from AYJNISHD(D) on World Hearing Day !!!!!

World hearing day is a WHO campaign held on 3rd March, every year to create awareness about the prevention of hearing loss and improved hearing care across the global community. The theme selected for this year is “Check your Hearing”. According to Hellen Keller, deafness separates people from people. The importance of hearing is not new to all of us .Hearing is often considered as the lifeline of all individuals. Hearing empowers us to lead our lives smoothly in a least restrictive manner. Hearing enables us to communicate, interact and socialize with others. Hearing is an essential component for individuals in all sectors of work.  Hence protecting our hearing is very crucial for all. Following, are some of the good practices one can follow to reduce noise pollution and protect your ears:

  1. Stay away from loud sounds or use ear plugs
  2. Turn the volume down while listening to music
  3. Avoid honkingwhile driving
  4. Do not insert foreign objects like pins, buds etc.
  5. Do not allow dirty water to enter in your ears
  6. Do not pour liquids like oil in your ears.
  7. Check your hearing status at regular intervals

A large number of children in India suffer from hearing loss by birth or in their later stages of life. As per the census report of India (2011) out of the total 26,810,557 disabled population, 5,071,007 are hearing disabled. One may note that in census (2001), the persons having problem in hearing through one ear was considered having hearing disability. However, in Census (2011), such persons were not considered as disabled. While comparing the latest census report with previous ones, one can find that in the last decade, percentage of hearing disabled in India has been on rise among both rural and urban population. Hence, concentrated efforts need to be initiated at macro and micro levels to prevent further increase in hearing disabled population. Checking your hearing is one such major initiative, which can be done at individual and organisational levels.

Today, with the advancements in science and technology, several formal and informal tests are available for checking the hearing. Services of professionals like ENT doctors and Audiologists are easily available to evaluate the hearing of both paediatric and geriatric population.  Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India has already instituted apex institutions like AYJNISHD (D), CRCs & DDRCs across the country to offer advanced services to preserve and maintain the hearing of all individuals at pan India Level. State governments had also established such set ups to offer services at local and state levels. Several non-governmental organisations have also come forward and joined hands in this endeavour. Hence services of all these organisations need to be utilised to reach the unreached population. On this special day and days to come, it is our duty to create awareness and encourage all individuals not only to protect their hearing, but also spread the importance of having good hearing health among the fellow citizens.  

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