Content Policy

Content ownership, moderation & approval policy

The Departments MUST have a Content Contribution, Moderation and Approval Policy (CMAP) stating the responsibility, authorisation and workflow details with regard to content publishing on the site.

The contents of the website are owned by the AYJNISHD. For adding new contents or modifying/deleting the existing contents, the approval of Director, AYJNISHD would be required.

Content review policy

All Government Departments MUST formulate a proper web Content Review Policy (CRP) depending upon the nature of their content and if possible, also publish the policy on their website.

AYJNISHD is an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi. The Institute is located at Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400 050 with regional centres located at Kolkata, Noida, Secunderabad and Janla. Content Review Policy has been divided into different categories and accordingly managed on the website. Following is the list of the different categories and the Content Review Policy as per the category:

1. About Us, AYJNISHD Departments, Regional Centres - The frequency of review would be once every quarter or in case of any change or addition, the review and change would be done immediately.

2. Services,Activities,Programmes : Clinical services, Programmes/Academic, Research & Publications, Admission & Post Admission, STTP, ADIP Hearing Aid & Cochlear Implant, North East Activity, Skill Development, Disability Information Line – The frequency of review would be once every quarter or in case of any change or addition, the review and change would be done immediately.

3. Information Service: Student Corner, Success story, Employees Corner, Right to Information, Contact Us- The frequency of review would take place immediately in case of any change/new information. Otherwise review to be done every quarter.

4. Acts, Laws, Policies & Schemes: Review would be immediate in case of any additions/ changes. Otherwise review to be done every quarter.

5. Forms: Forms to be reviewed every quarter. New forms to be added immediately.

6. Documents/Reports: Review to be done once a month. Annual reports of last one year will be kept. Monthly Reports of current financial year will be kept. Newsletter Ninad of latest issue will be kept.

7. News/Press Release/Events, Tender/Advt./Career, : Review would be immediate in case of any additions/ changes. Otherwise review to be done every month.

8. Photo/Video gallery: Review to happen once a month, in case of a new and important event, the review would be immediate.

9. Help : How do I .. Review to happen once in 6 months, in case important topic to be added, the review would be immediate.

All Departments and Regional Centres are informed about the content updation and review policy. The Web Information Manager, Web Technical Manager will co-ordinate with the Regional centres and Departments to verify the content and to keep it up-to-date.

A record will be maintained indicating the content title and review date.

Content Archival Policy

For time sensitive content which expires after a certain date (e.g. tender notifications, announcements for conference registrations, contest entries etc.), a policy on whether the content should be archived for future reference or removed altogether from the website should be decided by the concerned Department after careful consideration of their nature of content. However, ‘expired’ content MUST not be presented or flashed on the website. The Departments MUST have a clearly laid out Content Archival Policy (CAP) clarifying the rules set in this regard.

Each of the content component is accompanied by the meta data, source. Some of the contents carry a validity date. For some of the components the validity date may not be known ie, the content is stated to be perpetual. Under this scenario, the validity date will be ten years hence. For few of the components like announcements, tenders only the live content whose validity date is after the current date is shown on the portal. Such contents will be removed with the consent of Web Information manager.

Review will be done on all contents as per content review policy and would be sent to the content contributor two weeks prior to the validity date to revalidate the content and if required modify the validity date. In case of no response, then a reminder is sent a week before the validity date and thereafter the content would be archived and no longer published on the Portal. Previous Annual reports, monthly reports etc. which are required for reference will be kept in Archive section of the website. Archived contents are meant for internal use.

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