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Ali Yavar Jung
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Disability Line

Magnitude of Disability in India

As per National Sample Survey Organization's (NSSO) Survey 2002, the number of disabled persons in the country is 18.49 million and they formed about 1.8% of the total estimated population. The census 2001 indicates that 2.2% of the total population is affected by disability.

As per NSSO:

These statistics highlight the need for dissemination of information on prevention of diseases causing disability, early identification, rehabilitation, education and economic independence of persons with disabilities.

About Disability Line

Due to lack of awareness among the persons with disabilities and the community, early identification and rehabilitation process gets delayed and also the benefits of services offered by Government and Non–Government Organisations towards the rehabilitation of persons could not be availed of by the target group. Therefore, there is a need to launch a disability line for enabling the public to have easy access to information regarding disabilities for more enabling them to avail the services in their neighborhood which would facilitate meaningful rehabilitation and to know the schemes and concessions of the Government.

We hope that Disability line will bridge this gap by providing information related to disabilities.

Disability Line is accessible round the clock (24 hours) through an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Call centre facility is available on all working days during working hours. The call agent will provide information on specific queries which may not have been covered in the IVRS.

Objectives of the Disability Line are:

Disability Line has technical uniqueness and features of Speech Recognition (ASR), Fax on demand, Mobile Connect/SMS, E–mail Management and Recording. ASR will enable the caller to retrieve the information easily by directly naming the district, instead of choosing from a lengthy list of district names. Fax on demand will provide forms of DRS and NHFDC. Those who register for SMS & E–Mail will receive messages and information related to disability.

Disability line is one of the biggest IVRS in terms of the volume of information with varied channels of information dissemination.

The information can be retrieved in English, Hindi and Regional language.

Benefits of Disability Line

The information provided in the Disability Line will benefit Persons with Disabilities, NGOs and General Public.

Disability Line provides information about:

Disability Line provides:

Disability Line enables:

Advertising Services with Disability Line:

How To Retrieve Information From Disability Line?